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    White Dots, Spots, and Plaques: Making Sense of the Inflammatory Retinal Lesions—A Case-Based Approach

    AAO 2022
    Diagnostic & Imaging , Infectious Uveitis       , Masquerade Syndromes, Noninfectious Uveitis, Retina/Vitreous, Uveitis

    Differentiating between the "white spot syndromes" remains a challenging task for ophthalmologists and subspecialists. Advances in retinal imaging have improved our understanding and expanded the spectrum of these entities, but their classification and management is still cause for debate between the retina and uveitis subspecialties. This course from AAO 2022 includes instructors from both uveitis and retina subspecialties, enabling dynamic discussion about controversies in the field. By the end of this course, participants should be able to provide a nuanced explanation of key issues involving inflammatory spots of the retina, including finer points of differentiation between these entities and how to manage the conditions in real life.