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    "No touch" Viscoexpression Removal of Ozurdex Implant

    By Sonam Yangzes, MD, Surinder Singh Pandav, MD, Faisal Thattaruthody, MD

    A 45-year-old male with a history of complicated cataract surgery presented with diminished vision one week after receiving an intravitreal dexamethasone (Ozurdex) implant. On slit-lamp evaluation, anterior migration of the implant was revealed. As these implants are friable, and breaking one could cause steroid-induced glaucoma, Drs. Sonam Yangzes, Surinder Singh Pandav, and Faisal Thattaruthody opted for a "no touch" removal technique using viscoelastic to direct the implant and push it out a side port. One month after removal, the patient's visual acuity improved to 20/30 (6/9).

    Financial Disclosures: Dr. Sonam Yangzes discloses no financial relationships. Dr. Surinder Singh Pandav discloses no financial relationships. Dr. Faisal Thattaruthody discloses no financial relationships.