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  • Retina/Vitreous

    This retrospective study assessed Nd:YAG laser vitreolysis for vitreous floaters.

    Study design

    Researchers examined records from 59 participants with untreated vitreous floaters, 38 with floaters treated with Nd:YAG and 35 matched controls.


    Although laser treatment reduced vitreous echodensity by 23%, it did not improve vision or visual function relative to untreated patients. Twenty-five individuals were dissatisfied after their procedure and sought vitrectomy; these patients tended to have worse vitreous echodensity and contrast sensitivity. Thirteen patients reported satisfaction with observation.


    Because some treated eyes had improved vitreous density and better visual function than untreated eye, a prospective randomized study of Nd:YAG laser treatment of vitreous is warranted, using uniform laser treatment parameters and objective quantitative outcome measures.

    Clinical significance

    This study found a very high rate of patients (66%) who remain dissatisfied after Nd:YAG laser, which gives pause to offering this treatment modality to patients with symptomatic vitreous floaters.