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  • Courtesy of Dr. Mahima Kaushal, Dr Parul Ichhpujani. Submitted by Dr Drishti Singh.
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    A 32 year-old male patient presented to the eye outpatient department with blurring of vision and photophobia. He had history of left eye blunt trauma with a ball 2 previously. On examination his vision in right eye was 6/9 and his left eye was 6/60. The right eye pupil was normal in size with normal reaction, but the left eye pupil was irregular in shape with sluggish reaction. IOP in the right eye was 16 mmHg, and in the left eye was 40 mmHg. Gonioscopy of the right eye showed open angles, but the left eye showed a widened ciliary body band extending from 6 to 11 o’clock in the nasal quadrant. The left eye also had a traumatic cataract. He was started on Tab Acetazolamide QID and eyedrop Brimonidine + Timolol combination BD in his left eye. The figure is of a gonioscopic image of the left eye showing widening of ciliary body band in the nasal quadrant.