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  • By Faruk H. Orge, MD; K. David Epley, MD

    UPDATED October 9, 2019

    This interactive simulator is designed to teach and allow practice of complex strabismus evaluation. 

    The Complex Strabismus Simulator expands on the introductory Strabismus Simulator, allowing the exploration of more complex eye deviations. Create your own custom deviations with varying tropias, phorias and restriction, or review the preset deviations and disorders:

    • Alphabet patterns
    • 6th nerve palsy
    • Dissociated horizontal and vertical deviations (DHD and DVD)
    • Brown syndrome
    • Basic strabismus and orthoptic vision

    Clinicians and residents just starting to learn about strabismus should begin with the introductory Strabismus Simulator for an overview of strabismus, the cover-uncover test, alternate cover test, alternate cover test with prism, and simultaneous prism cover test.