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    The Anti-VEGF Biosimilars Paradox

    By Mohammed Ali Khan, MD FACS, Ravi S Parikh, MD, MPH
    ASRS 2023

    In this interview from ASRS 2023, Drs. Ali Khan and Ravi Parikh discuss the potential cost implications of approving new anti-VEGF biosimilars. Biosimilars are generally well-regarded as effective but lower cost alternatives for treating certain ocular diseases. However, as Dr. Parikh explains, current FDA regulations may mean that with the approval of new biosimilars for intraocular use, low-cost off-label options would become unavailable, and this could lead to significant cost increases for both patients and the healthcare system.

    Financial Disclosures: Dr. Ali Khan discloses financial relationships with Allergan, Apellis Pharmaceuticals, Genentech (Consultant/Advisor); Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (Grant Support). Dr. Ravi Parikh discloses financial relationships with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Apellis Pharmaceuticals, GLG Consultants, Health & Wellness Partners (Consultant/Advisor).