• IRIS Registry® 

    Data Analysis That Transforms Our Field

    ophthalmologists support clinical investigation, which may help to get innovations to market more quickly, monitor drug and device safety, and contribute information on treatment patterns. For U.S. members, it’s the best way to report quality measures for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System. As of July 2019, the IRIS Registry has collected data from nearly 60 million unique patients, nearly 248 million visits, and more than 18,000 contracted physicians. It all adds up to a better tomorrow for all patients, young and old.

    FEW CAUSES REPRESENT THE ACADEMY’S focus on tomorrow as powerfully as children. And now, a $2 million grant is rewriting the future of pediatric eye care.

    The Knights Templar Eye Foundation (KTEF) is one of the premier funders of research and education in ophthalmology, and a long-time supporter of the Academy Foundation. Its groundbreaking gift last year established the Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc. Pediatric Ophthalmology Fund, which will advance the study of childhood eye diseases using IRIS® Registry (Intelligent Research in Sight) data.

    The fund will, for the first time, enable the build-out of a pediatric site within the IRIS Registry. Ophthalmologists will be able to connect to this site to ensure the best quality of care within their pediatric practices, to access pediatric ophthalmology data available within the IRIS Registry and to access past and ongoing pediatric ophthalmology data analyses.

    The KTEF fund will attract more pediatric ophthalmologists to contribute their data on children with eye disease and will support the work of researchers to interpret the results.

    It will help to uncover optimal, realworld approaches to prevention and treatment — and change the lives of our youngest patients.

    “This gift will extend the power of the IRIS Registry to serve the needs of children as it has adults,” said Grand Master and President of the KTEF, Jeff Nelson. “It has the potential to improve vision in generations to come.”

    Learn more about the IRIS Registry at aao.org/iris-registry.



    Grand Master and President of the KTEF, Jeff Nelson. A $2 million gift from the KTEF was paramount to establishing a fund for the advancement of pediatric ophthalmology so that physicians can use IRIS Registry data to serve the needs of children as well as adults.