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  • 2018-2019 Foundation Annual Report

    Front Cover: Norman B. Medow, MD, FACS, shows one of his young patients some dilating eye drops. Upon explaining the procedure and asking for the child’s approval, the child beamed and replied with an enthusiastic “OK!”



    What Else Can We Do to Create a Better Tomorrow?

    What will tomorrow bring for our patients and our profession? What might it bring with even greater support, with even better resources, and with even bigger ideas?

    Not a day goes by without the Academy and the Foundation asking these questions and acting on the answers. No matter how much we accomplish today, we want to do more for tomorrow.

    This mindset drives our mission of education, because each chance for members to learn something new is ultimately a chance to transform a patient’s future. It’s at the heart of our outreach work, which leads to healthier communities for years to come. And it’s featured at our annual meeting, where visionary ideas shape the next generation of ophthalmology.

    In this annual report you will see just how passionate the Foundation is about tomorrow, and how your charitable dollars have put our passion to work. You’ll see that we constantly seek ways to create a better tomorrow: even stronger education for members, even more sight-saving outreach for communities, even better care for patients.

    Here’s what your support enabled us to accomplish in 2018–19 — and the difference it will make for patients everywhere.


    Ophthalmology is poised for a historic tomorrow with the 2020 grand opening of the Truhlsen-Marmor Museum of the Eye. This free, public museum, which is currently being built at our headquarters in San Francisco, will introduce the world to the science of sight and celebrate our profession for generations to come. Watch videos of the fundraising campaign and build-out progress.