• Aldeyra

    Phase II clinical trial results show that a topical aldehyde trap is comparable to corticosteroids for the treatment of non-infectious anterior uveitis without the adverse effects of increased IOP or cataract formation.

    The study enrolled 45 patients randomized to receive aldehyde trap (NS2) 0.5% four times daily, a 1% Pred Forte 4 times daily (tapered) or NS2 0.5% 4 times daily and Pred Forte 1% twice daily (tapered). There were no statistical differences across all groups in any clinical endpoint, including anterior chamber cell count and ocular flare. NS2 was generally well tolerated and there were no serious adverse events, consistent with previous Phase I and Phase II clinical trials.

    “This suggests that NS2 may be an important future treatment option for anterior uveitis patients,” said Dr. Stephen Foster, principal trial investigator. “Effectiveness equal to topical corticosteroids with the absence of eye pressure elevation or cataract production would make this anti-inflammatory therapy an attractive therapeutic option for treating uveitis."

    Previous testing of NS2  showed it can reduce itching and tearing related to allergic conjunctivitis.