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    ReVision Optics has raised $32 million to launch its Raindrop Near Vision Inlay for the correction of emmetropic presbyopia.

    The company says it will use the funds to increase its sales force and medical affairs team and to develop a marketing campaign.

    Approved by the FDA in June, the hydrogel inlay is implanted in the nondominant eye under a corneal flap created by a femtosecond laser. It is designed to create a profocal cornea by gently steepening the central cornea, creating a smooth gradient of power. Dr. Jeffrey Whitman demonstrates how to implant the device in this surgical video on the ONE Network.

    Results from a phase 3 clinical study showed that the inlay provided patients with an improvement in near vision by an average of 5 lines, without impairing binocular distance vision. The study also reported high satisfaction rates of 92% at 1 year postop. Additionally, most patients can return to their regular routine shortly after the procedure, according to John Kilcoyne, president and CEO of ReVision.

    “ReVision Optics is clearly fortunate to have a supportive base of highly regarded venture investors, and we appreciate their significant support in this most recent financing,” said Kilcoyne. “We are now well-capitalized to continue our controlled launch of Raindrop, paying particular attention to ensuring excellent outcomes for both our ophthalmic surgeons and their Raindrop patients.”