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    The last year has been a whirlwind. For those of you entering your ophthalmology training, you only know medicine during a global pandemic. Those who served on the front lines got an up-close look at severely ill or dying patients — certainly more morbidity than you would expect to see after matching into ophthalmology.

    So now what?

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    Well, the good news is that the world is turning a corner, and you just launched your training in a specialty that offers more support for its trainees than probably any other. Ophthalmology boasts one of the first American boards, as well as one of the first national medical societies, which counts more than 90% of U.S. ophthalmologists in its ranks — not to mention thousands of international members.

    We’re here for you. “We” includes the Academy’s Young Ophthalmologist Committee along with its three subcommittees (YO Info editorial board, YO Advocacy subcommittee and YO International subcommittee) and loads of other physicians who volunteer their time to make your day and your Academy better and brighter.

    As a community, ophthalmologists rallied to provide care to those who needed it in a critical time. Now, we hope to continue to provide support during a critical time in your own lives. For “Young Ophthalmologists” — or YOs, the annual YO Info Resident Edition is meant to be a primer for your career. We’re here to help throughout all of this unfamiliarity, so please don’t hesitate to lean on us.

    You represent a cohort of physicians who have had to learn some of the most difficult lessons regarding patient care faster and sooner than most others. We are proud to welcome you to our ranks and call you one of us.

    James G. Chelnis, MD
    YO Info Editorial Board Chair

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