By J. Bradley Randleman, MD; David T. Vroman, MD
    Annual Meeting 2012
    Refractive Mgmt/Intervention

    This presentation teaches strategies for minimizing surgically induced astigmatism, discusses surgical options for treating astigmatism during cataract and refractive surgery (including wound construction approaches, limbal relaxing incisions, toric IOLs, and corneal refractive surgical techniques), and demonstrates methods to treat postoperative astigmatism occurring after cataract and refractive surgery. By the conclusion of this video, the participants will be able to (1) identify regular and irregular astigmatism, (2) understand surgical strategies to minimize surgically induced astigmatism and determine treatment strategies for astigmatism, including complex refractive errors and eyes not amenable to surgical treatment, and (3) employ practical strategies for determining patient goals and desires for astigmatism correction.