Editors' Choice
    Cataract/Anterior Segment, Retina/Vitreous

    Gore-Tex sutured intraocular lens implants offer another alternative for posterior chamber placement of an IOL when there is inadequate capsular support.  Gore-Tex suture has been used in cardiovascular surgery for over 20 years with minimal evidence of suture breakdown over time. It is strong, easy to manipulate, highly visible, and non-inflammatory. However, it is off-label for intraocular use. The video demonstrates the use of CV-8 Gore-Tex suture along with the Bausch & Lomb Akreos AO60 IOL. This technique is fairly straightforward to perform and provides a stable 4-point fixation of the lens, which minimizes tilt. Furthermore, placing the sutures 3 mm posterior to the limbus allows for an “in-the-bag” calculation for the IOL power and lowers the risk of iris chafe. Combining this technique with 27-gauge instrumentation allows for better self-sealing of the sclerotomies.

    The May 2016 issue of EyeNet Magazine discusses Gore-Tex fixation sutures in detail.