• Written By: D. Rex Hamilton, MD
    Refractive Mgmt/Intervention

    This critical article reports the results of a world-wide literature review on patient satisfaction after LASIK surgery. The authors undertook the review following the 2008 FDA hearings on LASIK safety and efficacy.  Overall patient satisfaction after primary LASIK was 95.4 percent. Myopic and hyperopic subjects appeared to be equally satisfied with their operative outcomes (95.3 percent and 96.3 percent, respectively).

    The research team reviewed 19 studies from 13 countries representing the U.S. and most areas of the world, encompassing 2,198 subjects who had LASIK between 1995 and 2003. A comprehensive international literature search performed by a Storm Eye Institute panel had identified 309 peer-reviewed, well-designed studies of primary (original) LASIK surgery, of which 19 reported on both patient quality of life and satisfaction. All were randomized, controlled clinical trials, or cohort or case-controlled studies.

    The authors also compared satisfactions rates of LASIK with other elective surgeries, and found that LASIK surgery had higher patient satisfaction rates. 

    The authors conclude that with better recognition and treatment of preexisting dry eye both before and after LASIK treatment, better patient selection including appreciation for the upper limits of myopic and hyperopic treatments and improved technology, the satisfaction rate could be even higher with more modern surgery.


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