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    Rotational Horizontal Conjunctival Flap for Severe Necrotic Calcification

    Cornea/External Disease

    In this surgical video, Dr. Timothy Truong describes how Drs. Rona Silkiss and Enoch Nam use a rotational horizontal conjunctival flap for a case of severe necrotic calcification secondary to mitomycin C–induced ischemia in which there was insufficient bulbar conjunctival tissue to provide coverage for a scleral patch graft. A thin conjunctival flap was first separated from the everted eyelid, with care taken to maintain its blood supply. The bulbar conjunctiva was then dissected and the calcific plaque removed. Once the scleral patch graft was anchored over the defect, the tarsal conjunctival flap was reflected down over the entire area and secured using interrupted sutures.

    Financial Disclosures: Dr. Timothy Truong discloses no financial relationships. Dr. Rona Silkiss discloses financial relationships with Lassen Therapeutics (Consultant/Advisor). Dr. Enoch Nam discloses no financial relationships.