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  • Advisory Opinions of the Code of Ethics

    • Advertising Claims Containing Certain Potentially Misleading Phrases (link)
    • Appropriate Examination and Treatment Procedures (link)
    • Communications to the Public (link)
    • Delegated Services (link)
    • Determining the Need for Medical or Surgical Intervention (link)
    • Disclosures of Professionally Related Commercial Interests (link)
    • Employment and Referral Relationships between Ophthalmologists and Other Health Care Providers (link)
    • Ethical Obligations in a Managed Health Care (link)
    • Expert Witness Testimony (link)
    • Global Ophthalmology (link)
    • Informed Consent (link)
    • Learning New Techniques after Residency (link)
    • Live Surgery (link)
    • Postoperative Care (link)
    • Release and Confidentiality of Patient Records (link)
    • Research and Innovation in Clinical Practice (link)
    • Social Media and Professionalism (link)

     Policy Statements of the Code of Ethics

    • An Ophthalmologist's Duties Concerning Postoperative Care (link)
    • Ophthalmic Care for Patients in Residential Care Centers (link)
    • Pretreatment Assessment: Responsibilities of the Ophthalmologist (link)

    Ethics Information Statements

    • Ethics in Telemedicine (link)
    • The Ethical and Technical Competence of the Ophthalmologist (link)
    • Unique Competence of the Ophthalmologist (link)