• Education in professional standards for the ethical practice of ophthalmology is one of the primary goals of the Ethics Committee. The Jerome W. Bettman Sr., MD, Ethics Education Lecture Program (the Ethics Lecture Program) is one way the committee accomplishes that goal. The Ethics Lecture Program is available for teaching institutions as well as state/regional ophthalmology societies. 

    What to Expect

    • The lectures are comprised of an in-person presentation with time for Q & A, and are designed to encourage practical problem solving and to explore larger ethical concepts. The interactive lectures focus on topics unique to residency education as well as the practicing ophthalmologist. Ethics Committee members and staff present the lecture program, which is easily tailored to the needs of the sponsoring organization. In addition to residents, we encourage opening the lecture to faculty, technicians, and administrative/support staff for a comprehensive look at ethics and professionalism in ophthalmology. 

    How to Schedule a Lecture

    • To schedule a lecture, contact the Academy ethics manager, Mara Pearse Burke, at 319.351.0440 or ethics@aao.org. Requests should include several possible dates for your proposed lecture and should be made at least three to six months before the desired date of the lecture.

    Lecture Calendar and Locations January 2018 → 2019

    • SUNY Syracuse - April 6, 2018
    • New England Ophthalmological Society (NEOS) - Sept 28, 2018 
    • University of California, Davis (as part of a Visiting Professor Program) - Feb 1/2, 2019
    • Georgia Society of Ophthalmology, Atlanta, GA - Feb 9, 2019
    • New York University - March 2019
    • Casey Eye Institute, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR - May 17, 2019
    • Virginia Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons, McLean, VA - June 14, 2019
    • University of Iowa, Department of Ophthalmology (being scheduled)
    • University of Minnesota, Department of Ophthalmology (being scheduled)
    • Maryland Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons (being scheduled)