• Background

    Failing to address unprofessional behavior may promote similar behavior in other individuals and tarnishes the image of the profession. Addressing unprofessional behavior results in higher levels of personal satisfaction, creates better mentors for younger ophthalmologists, and improves patient safety and risk-management experiences. Attendees will learn about issues relating to professionalism and unprofessional behavior, i.e., how to identify and address unprofessional behavior, and what to do about these issues in their own communities. Every physician needs skills for addressing unprofessional/unethical behavior.

    The Allan and Claire Jensen, MD Lecture in Professionalism and Ethics was created to present complex ideas about professionalism and ethical behavior in an accessible and relevant format. The selected lecturer will be a recognized ophthalmologist or member of the medical or bioethics community with demonstrated knowledge of ethical issues and professionalism. The lecture takes place at the Academy's Annual Meeting each year. 

    The 7th Annual Jensen Ethics Lecture was presented at Academy 2021

    Navigating the Confusing World of Research vs. Innovative Treatment: Ethical and Regulatory Issues 

    • Jerry A. Menikoff, Director, Office of Human Research Protection in the Dept. of Health and Human Services addressed the ethical challenge of determining when physician activities constitute research or the provision of innovative care, and the ethical and regulatory consequences of each category.