• Pink Eye Pictures and Videos: What Does Conjunctivitis Look Like?

    Written By: Dan Gudgel
    Reviewed By: Devin A Harrison MD
    Nov. 12, 2017

    Pink eye is when the white of the eye gets swollen and red. Doctors call this condition conjunctivitis, and it can be caused by different things. Although it’s usually not very serious, pink eye is infectious and highly contagious if it is caused by bacteria or a virus.

    Doctors may prescribe antibiotics for bacterial pink eye. If you have viral pink eye, it's a lot like the common cold, and will usually clear up in a few days on its own. There are some home remedies for pink eye, depending on the cause. If you are having eye allergies, this can also be called conjunctivitis, but it’s not contagious.

    Video: How Does a Child Get Pink Eye?


    Close up of an eye with pink eye (conjunctivitis) and mucus.
    Close up of an eye with bacterial pink eye (conjunctivitis) and mucus.


    Closeup of an eye with pink eye (conjunctivitis).
    Close up of an eye with viral pink eye (conjunctivitis).