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  • Write for 'Ask an Ophthalmologist'

    Description: “Ask an Ophthalmologist” is a feature in the EyeSmart section of that allows the public to submit questions about eye conditions and treatments for a response from an ophthalmologist. The clinical responders are responsible for drafting answers to questions in their area of subspecialty, which are sent to them periodically by the Patient Education staff. Responses must be written in layperson language appropriate for the general public.

    Expectations: Ability to respond to submitted questions within an agreed-upon timeframe; ability to draft responses that are understandable for the lay public

    Time commitment: “Ask an Ophthalmologist” reviewers are scheduled to answer questions during a one-week period every few months. Based on the number of questions submitted from the public, this effort usually translates into an average of one hour every couple of months.

    Instructions: “Ask an Ophthalmologist” reviewers draft their responses and send them to Academy staff. Staff reviews responses to assess language and ensure it is understandable to the lay public. Then the response is sent to a member of the Academy’s Patient Education Committee for additional clinical review.

    When the response is complete, it is posted to the EyeSmart section of It is also archived in a searchable database in the site’s “Ask an Ophthalmologist” section.

    To volunteer for this opportunity, send an email to

    Deadlines: Reviewers have about four to five days to review and return their responses.