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  • Author EyeSmart Articles

    Description: Work with Academy staff to choose a topic and write an article for the public, to be published in the EyeSmart section of the Academy's website. Authors are credited on the article, with a link to their Academy biography.

    Expectations: Consult with Academy staff to develop a plan for the article. Write the article so the general public can understand it – at an 8th-grade or lower reading level.

    Physicians are the content experts. The Academy reserves the right to edit the materials.

    Time commitment:

    Over the course of a month:

    • Participate in one 15- to-30-minute phone call.
    • Writing and editing time as needed.
    • Respond to emails as needed. Approximately six or fewer emails.

    Instructions: The physician and an Academy staff member collaborate on identifying and outlining the article topic, including title, key points and section headings.

    The physician produces a draft article within two weeks of finalizing the topic.

    Academy staff review and edit the draft and collaborate with the physician to finalize the text. The physician responds to editing feedback within a week and signs off on the medical accuracy of the article.

    A separate Academy member physician reviews the article for accuracy.

    To volunteer to write EyeSmart articles, send an email to

    Deadlines: Deadlines set on a rolling basis, by agreement between Academy staff and the volunteer.