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    Pterygium Surgery with Conjunctival Autograft

    9th Annual Global Video Contest
    Cornea/External Disease, Trauma

    Using an animation followed by three representative cases, this video details the surgical steps of primary and double-headed pterygium excision. In each case, surgery begins with dissection of the conjunctival tissue, followed by separation of the pterygium head from the cornea and excision of the pterygium from the base. Then, the corneal surface is smoothed, the autograft is harvested and placed over the bare sclera, and the graft is secured with fibrin glue. In double-headed pterygium surgery, an amniotic membrane graft is used in addition to the conjunctival autograft. Finally, the conjunctiva is pulled over the wound and sealed with additional fibrin glue before a bandage contact lens is placed. 

    Additional authors: Drs. Shweta Agarwal and Maria Priyanka.